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     Thank you for taking a look at the Styles Woodwork Website.  This website is maintained by Simpson POV & M. as a demonstration site.  The Styles Website has one of the largest downloadable Architectural Woodwork Libraries available for use by architects and woodworkers. 

    The system software is a Standard Integrated Manufacturing Program called Simpson.  The software is designed for Small and Medium-Size Custom Manufacturers, Contractors and Subcontractors. You can standardize your products through developing a library of Items, purchasing Items through an open market, or having subcontractors build Custom Items for you.   These Items are always made in the same format: Parts, Operations Vendors, & Materials ( POV&M ).   Using this simple, standard format, virtually any item can be created.  Items can be documented, made parametric, stored, advertised and repeated in a large variety of configurations and sizes quickly. 

      The software can be set up and ready for use within a week and customized for your requirements.   Simpson’s standard functions include a catalog of Items your customers can adjust for height, width and depth.   They may also select from options that you have listed in the Items.   Customers can load their project, assign Items to specific spaces and have a complete takeoff for their project.  Budget Reports and Item Drawings, per space if desired, are available.

     Of course most commercial customers prefer you to supply them with a traditional specifications, takeoffs, and proposal quotations.  Simpson automatically organizes your takeoff into a proposal.  Once the takeoff of Items is complete, the Batch Manufacturing Process begins by selecting similar items to manufacture together.  At this point, the standard input of your Parts, Operations Vendors, & Materials ( POV&M ) becomes very helpful in the generation of reports for operations, budgeting, production scheduling, vendor purchases and relief from your shop inventory.   The manufacturing side of the software is extensive with Capacity Scheduling, Project Management, Manpower Distribution, Estimated versus Actual Hours, Job Cost Reports, Production Reports, Daily Schedule, Long-Term Schedule etc..

     The system was designed from the ground up with human nature in mind.  The menu system is consistent, the thought processes are intuitive. Item ribbons and action tabs will be found where they are expected to be found.   This approach simplifies training while it supplies comfort and instills confidence in the system users.  The system has complete operation manuals that are concise and well organized.  Employee evaluations are integrated into the system for fair and statistical evaluation of individual performance.

      Simpson also serves as a Manufacturing Social Network.  Selected portions of a customer’s project such as Schedule, Contract, Items List, Drawings, Prices and Reports, can all be accessed online. Your customers can share this project information with other members of the project team and invite other members to access the data.  Simpson also generates a variety of automatic emails to keep customers informed and confident their project status.

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Charles Porter

Email:  Simpson.com


1700 Syrup Mill Rd

Blythewood, South Carolina.